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Public Health Status Update for 06/21/2024

Marin County Public Health Status Update for June 21, 2024, includes Wildfire Smoke; Summer COVID Surge; Skin Health and Sunlight; Pride and Sexual Health; and COVID-19 Data Update.  

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COVID-19 Status Update for 01/20/2023

Marin County COVID-19 Status Update for January 20, 2023, includes: Marin’s Current COVID Status; COVID-sniffing Dogs Protect Older Residents; Local Virus Levels Moving in Right Direction; and updated local COVID-19 data.

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The Marin County COVID-19 Status Update is published weekly and as needed to share important news and resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic response. We remain here for you.

Marin’s Current COVID Status

In response to community questions, Dr Willis describes the two metrics he now uses daily to quickly assess Marin’s pandemic progress. He describes what these indicators tell us about the severity of illnesses and the protection of the vaccine.  

COVID-sniffing Dogs Protect Older Residents

Today, a long-term care facility in Marin that is experiencing a COVID outbreak received support from an unusual source—COVID sniffing dogs. A team of retrievers trained to detect odor unique to COVID infection helped identify potentially infected residents. Only consenting residents were included, and those identified were offered testing confirmation. The effort was part of a pilot study, in partnership with California Department of Public Health, to determine the accuracy of this novel screening method in the long-term care facility setting. While results of the pilot are pending, residents and staff reported the presence of the dogs contributed to a more relaxing experience, with the potential benefit of early case detection in an outbreak.

COVID Sniffing Dogs

Local Virus Levels Moving in Right Direction 

The latest Marin County virus surveillance data shows community levels of flu, RSV and COVID-19 are decreasing. While it’s too early to call this a trend, this is the first time all three major winter threats have been declining at the same time. Despite this progress, COVID-19 levels in particular remain elevated. Marin County will continue to monitor trends and provide updates.

Know your COVID-19 Community Level 

The CDC’s COVID-19 Community Levels are a tool to help communities decide what prevention steps to take based on the latest data. Levels can be low, medium, or high and are determined by looking at hospital beds being used, hospital admissions, and the total number of new COVID-19 cases in an area. Take precautions to protect yourself and others from COVID-19 based on the COVID-19 Community Level in Marin or other community in which you live, work or visit.



Todays’ COVID-19 Community Level:

Suggested Prevention Steps:

Marin County


People may choose to mask at any time. People with symptoms, a positive test, or exposure to someone with COVID-19 should wear a mask.

COVID-19 Data Update:

Below is just a snapshot of local COVID-19 data. Find a more in-depth analysis of COVID-19 trends on the Marin Data & Surveillance webpage, our Data FAQ, or Marin County's Open Data Portal.

Data sets updated weekly (published on Fridays) include:

  • COVID-19 vaccination rates
  • COVID-19 cases & deaths among facility staff and residents
  • Weekly/Cumulative count of COVID-19 deaths among Marin residents
  • State COVID-19 Data

Status updates are now published weekly on Fridays. “Change from Last Status Update” accounts for 7 days of data, unless noted otherwise (view past status updates).

COVID-19 Case Data

Today’s Report

Change from Last Status Update on 1/13 /2023

Total Confirmed Cumulative Cases


+ 102

“Active Cases” (Confirmed in Past 14 Days)


- 31

Total Cumulative Deaths


+ 0*

Current COVID-19 Hospitalizations


- 3

Current COVID-19 ICU Patient Census


+ 1

* Change from last Friday.

COVID-19 Vaccination Data

Today’s Report

Change from Last Week

Percent of Marin residents vaccinated with at least one dose



Percent of Marin population who have completed vaccine series.


+ 0.1%

Percent of Marin residents who have received a Booster/3rd Dose


+ 0.1%

* * As population estimates may not be precise, the proportion of vaccinated people in any group will be displayed up to, but not higher than 98%. 

* Note that this percentage is out of all Marin residents including children younger than 6 months.

Residential Care & Skilled Nursing Facility COVID-19 data:

Today’s Report

Change from Last Week

Positive Patients at Facilities cumulative


+ 2

Positive Patients at Facilities current


- 16

Positive Staff at Facilities current


 - 13

Facility Patient Deaths


+ 0

Facility Patient Deaths as percentage of all COVID+ deaths


 + 0.0%


State COVID-19 data:

Today’s Report

Change from Last Week

California Confirmed Cases


+ 23,927

California Deaths


+ 407


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You’ve tested Positive | You’ve been exposed to someone with COVID-19

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