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COVID-19 Status Update for 05/24/2022

Marin County COVID-19 Status Update for May 24, 2022 includes: COVID-19 Therapeutics: Paxlovid Rebound; Data Dashboard Update:… Read More

COVID-19 Status Update for 04/01/2022

Marin County COVID-19 Status Update for April 1, 2022 includes Marin Video: Dr. Matt Willis Talks about Boosters; Data Updates from our Epidemiology Team; Expiration Extension for iHealth Test Kits; and updated local COVID-19 data.

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The Marin County COVID-19 Status Update is three times per week and as needed to share important news and resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic and to keep the local economy running. We remain here for you. 


Video: Dr. Matt Willis Talks about Boosters 

Public Health Officer Dr. Matt Willis addresses the FDA and CDC's recent decision to make 2nd booster doses available to people age 50 & older and certain immunocompromised groups, and share's Marin County Public Health's recommendation for the additional shot. 


Watch on YouTube 


Data Updates from our Epidemiology Team 

We know how important it is for our residents to have access to, and understand, the latest reliable data regarding COVID-19 in our communities. That’s why our epidemiologists are frequently reconciling and evaluating how data is presented. Over the past few days, the team has made some changes to our surveillance page. Here’s a summary of those changes. 

Removal of “Change from yesterday +/-” under Key indicators

  1. This change took effect on March 25 and was removed because with data reporting lags, this number no longer represents a true change since the previous day (as in 15 people were diagnosed since yesterday) and is therefore not as reliable as the updated trend charts. In addition, the frequency of data updates for vaccinations and deaths has changed, so the “change from yesterday” is no longer an accurate way to visualize the burden of COVID-19 infection during low community spread. 
    The changes in daily number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths are still available on respective dashboards for any date rate of interest. By using the date filter, you can visualize the recent change in case count on the COVID-19 cases dashboard, or of deaths and hospital admissions on the COVID-19 Case Disposition dashboard. 

Death Counts are Generated Weekly; Due to surge, reflect a broader time period than week-by-week 

  1. Due to the recent surge in cases and the associated processing needed, recent deaths (ranging from January to March 2022) required more time to review. Therefore, the death count under the COVID-19 Case Disposition dashboard and “Total Deaths” in key Indicators were underreported until March 25th, 2022. Marin HHS finished reviewing and processing these most recent deaths. The death totals on the dashboard are now up to date as of March 25th,2022. 

Vaccine Dashboards Updated Weekly 

  1. As reported on Monday, we’ve shifted to a weekly reporting model for vaccination data. Fewer people are getting “newly” vaccinated, and the vaccination data from California Immunization Registry (CAIR) removes people from Marin into another county whenever they have a newer vaccination, of any type, elsewhere. In addition, CAIR also experienced a data issue when they were adding a new county to the registry. On a couple days, these caused a negative change on “Total Residents Vaccinated” under Key Indicators. By keeping the reporting to a weekly timeframe still provides a progress report without these little adjustments creating confusion. Visit our Marin County COVID-19 Vaccinations page to view dashboards relating to vaccination rates.  

New Dashboard: Wastewater Surveillance 

  1. On March 23, we added a NEW dashboard to monitor our wastewater surveillance efforts. This dashboard is updated weekly on Fridays and shows the average amount of virus (COVID gene copies per milliliter) in five different wastewater collection sites across Marin. This dashboard can be found on our Surveillance page.  

Updated Dashboard for Hospitalizations 

  1. Our dashboard displaying the daily census of COVID-19 patients has been updated! The daily census reflects the total number of COVID-19 patients reported to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) from Marin's acute care hospitals--MarinHealth Medical Center, Kaiser San Rafael, and Novato Community Hospital. The data is lagged by one-day. From January 1 to March 4, 2022, during the surge of hospitalizations related to the Omicron variant, patients hospitalized due to COVID-19 disease are displayed separately (light blue and yellow lines). The darker blue and orange lines are the CDPH Daily Patient Census, which includes patients hospitalized due to COVID-19 disease as well as patients hospitalized for other conditions who had a positive COVID-19 test. This dashboard can be found on our Surveillance page.  


Expiration Extension for iHealth Test Kits 

Earlier this week, March 29, 2022, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a three-month shelf-life extension for the over-the-counter iHealth COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test. This extension applies to all tests with expiration dates on or before September 29, 2022. Originally this test’s shelf-life was 6 months, so now it has been extended to 9 months. If you have purchased a test kit from this manufacturer and want to check its updated expiration date, you can visit the iHealth website and enter the item’s lot number.  


COVID-19 Data Update: 

Below is just a snapshot of local COVID-19 data. Find a more in-depth analysis of COVID-19 trends on the Marin Data & Surveillance webpage, our Data FAQ, or Marin County's Open Data Portal

Data sets updated weekly (published on Fridays) include: 

  • COVID-19 vaccination rates 
  • COVID-19 cases & deaths among facility staff and residents 
  • Weekly/Cumulative count of COVID-19 deaths among Marin residents 

Status updates are now published Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. “Change from Last Status Update” (far right column, below) may account for 2-4 days, depending on the date of the previous publication (view past status updates). 


COVID-19 Case Data 

Today’s Report 

Change from Last Status Update 

Total Confirmed Cumulative Cases 


+ 54 

“Active Cases” (Confirmed in Past 10 Days) 


- 20 

Total Cumulative Deaths 


+ 3 * 

Current COVID-19 Hospitalizations 


+ 0 

Current COVID-19 ICU Patient Census 


+ 0  

*Updated weekly on Fridays. 

COVID-19 Vaccination Data  

Today’s Report 

Change from Last  Week 

Percent of Marin residents age 5+ vaccinated with at least one dose 


+ 0.0% 

Percent of Marin population age 5+ who have completed vaccine series. 


+ 0.1%  

Marin residents age 5+ who have received a Booster/3rd Dose 


+ 554 

Percent of entire Marin population that is “fully immunized” (14+ days post final dose)* 

89% * 

+ 0%  

* Note that this percentage is out of all Marin residents including children younger than 5. 

Residential Care & Skilled Nursing Facility COVID-19 data: 

Today’s Report 

Change from Last Week 

Positive Patients at Facilities cumulative 


+ 4 

Positive Patients at Facilities current  

- 4 

Positive Staff at Facilities current 

- 2 

Facility Patient Deaths 


+ 0 

Facility Patient Deaths as percentage of all COVID+ deaths 


- 0.6% 


State COVID-19 data: 

Today’s Report 

Change from Last Status Update 

California Confirmed Cases 


+ 6,935 

California Deaths 


+ 164 


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