Marin County Indicators for Assessing Progress on Containing COVID-19

What are these Indicators?

The following indicators will be tracked by each of the Health Officers in the Bay Area to assess progress in their own counties in ensuring we have the strategies and infrastructure in place to contain and treat COVID-19. These Indicators are designed to provide measurable goals that will spur action on the part of the community at large, driving us to work together to create this infrastructure and to achieve our strategic goals. These Indicators are complementary to the high-level metrics that are being tracked by the California Department of Public Health and the Governor.

These Indicators are based on our current understanding of the virus, our assessment of what goals are achievable in the coming weeks and months, and current tools to mitigate and contain the virus. We will be continuously assessing these Indicators as circumstances change and the science regarding COVID-19 (and its spread) continues to grow and evolve week by week.

How will they be used to inform Shelter-in-Place?

The Indicators are important measures of progress as we assess whether and to what extent we can move away from the existing shelter-in-place restrictions that have been required to slow the spread of the virus. However, other factors will also guide the Health Officers’ decision making, including the development of other methods to contain COVID-19, the impact of the staged reopening of various sectors, the level of compliance with social distancing orders and guidance, collective compliance with isolation and quarantine directives for persons who are infected or exposed, and other scientific developments during this rapidly evolving pandemic. Further, decisions to modify existing restrictions will be made based on the totality of the circumstances; substantial progress on several important Indicators and other factors may allow additional activities to resume even if certain goals within the Indicators have not yet been achieved.

How often will this page be updated?

The data above represent a recent snapshot of Marin County’s current progress toward these goals within the past two weeks. These data will be updated daily as information is reported to Marin County Health and Human Services. We plan to report publicly on our progress on these local Indicators so that the community can track our collective progress.