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Yes, outdoor businesses, outdoor recreation activities, charter boat operations, and other additional business currently operating may rent equipment.  All rental equipment must be sanitized after each use and operators must follow the Industry-Specific Guidance of the Health Officer for Recreational Equipment Rental Businesses, Charter Boat OperatorsOutdoor Recreation Activity BusinessesFacial Coverings Order, and implement a Site-Specific Protection Plan.  Additionally, all charter boat operations must abide by the following Industry-Specific Guidelines of the Health Officer: Charter Boat Operators, Outdoor Recreation Activity Businesses, Recreational Equipment Rental Businesses, and Childcare Establishments, Summer Camps and Sports Camps.

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Outdoor Businesses as defined under the Health Officer Order, including those businesses that formerly operated exclusively or primarily in public spaces, may open with all required and appropriate safeguards in place. Due to the nature of outdoor businesses operating exclusively or primarily in public spaces (i.e. outdoor boot camps, yoga in the park, outdoor photography or art classes, etc.), the number of individuals gathering for such an activity is strictly limited to 10 (including any instructors or business owners) at any given time.  This size limitation is due to the fact that individuals participating in such activities remain in close proximity to each other for prolonged periods of time, which increases inherent risks even though social distancing must be maintained at all times. No equipment (i.e. mats, weights, art supplies) may be shared or provided for short-term rental. Other business reopening guidelines can be found at

The new health Order lifts all of the Prior Order’s restrictions related to motorized access to outdoor recreation areas within Marin County (“the County”), leaving it to local jurisdictions to allow, limit or prohibit motorized access to those areas as appropriate in order to slow the transmission of Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (“COVID-19”). In addition, portions of park facilities with high-touch equipment or that encourage gathering – including playgrounds, gym equipment, climbing walls, and benches – will remain closed.

Residents are strongly encouraged to verify the status of local parks and remaining restrictions with their local jurisdictions. Marin County Parks has curated a status list of its park locations in Marin County. In addition, One Tam maintains a similar page covering regional, state, and federal recreational lands.

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Thanks to the collective effort of our residents, we have made progress in slowing the spread of the novel coronavirus, ensuring our hospitals are not overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases and saving lives. This progress allows us to ease some restrictions to allow businesses and activities to move forward, so long as they strictly comply with social distancing requirements, business reopening guidelines and other protections of current public health orders.

Appendix C-1 of the shelter in place order has allowed additional businesses to re-open, and Appendix C-2 of the shelter in place order has allowed certain activities to continue.

However, at this stage of the pandemic, we need to maintain many restrictions of shelter-in-place so that we do not lose the progress we have achieved. Lifting too many restrictions too soon could easily lead to a large surge in cases and result in avoidable hospitalizations and deaths, and it may also lead to longer-term economic harms.

View our reopening status in Marin, including future reopening dates.>

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Car washes that qualify as outdoor businesses under the Order may open.  An outdoor business is a business that operated primarily outdoors prior to March 16, 2020, and that has the ability to fully maintain social distancing of at least six feet between all persons. Outdoor businesses must conduct all business and transactions involving members of the public outdoors. This means that if a car wash includes an indoor facility that typically serves the public, that indoor facility must be closed to the public.

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The US Small Business Administration has compiled a list of resources to help small businesses facing financial challenges due to COVID-19.  

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Service providers like plumbers, electricians, and exterminators can keep working and providing services to the public that are necessary to maintain a livable, sanitary, and functional household.  You can call your building manager or one of these service providers, or you can also visit your hardware store to assist with making your own repairs. 

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No.  If your business is covered in the list of essential businesses or otherwise permitted to operate under the Order, then you may operate your business from a facility in the County so long as you create, post, and implement a Site-Specific Protection Plan for each facility using the template attached to the Order.  You do not need to obtain any specific authorization from the County to run your business.  The County does not issue written determinations or authorizations.  

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Not for vacationing purposes.  Short-term lodging including short-term rentals, hotels, motels, and bed-and-breakfasts, may continue for the limited purposes of either (1) COVID-19 mitigation and containment measures, including measures to protect homeless populations (examples include: isolation and quarantine or the housing of displaced persons); (2) housing workers performing essential business activities and essential government functions within the County; (3) housing individuals staying overnight in Marin to perform the essential activity of caring for the health and safety needs of a family member; or (4) or for County residents facing immediate displacement from their primary residence due to safety, sanitation, or habitability issues (i.e., inhabitable living conditions, violence, or threats of violence. See the latest order at



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Yes. As of June 12, retailers are allowed to reopen under the current Shelter-In-Place order’s Appendix C-1. That means with permission from the local jurisdictions and/or shopping center, retailers may now offer curbside, outdoor and indoor retail options following the public health guidelines posted at

Each retailer must create, adopt, and implement a written COVID-19 Site-Specific Protection Plan that incorporates and addresses all applicable Best Practices provided at

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