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COVID-19 Status Update for 09/24/2021

Marin County COVID-19 Status Update for September 24, 2021 includes Boosters Ok’d for Older Adults, At Risk Groups; Healthcare and Care Facility Staff Advised to Get Flu Shot; and updated … Read More

Novato Neighborhood Outreach Toolkit


This outreach toolkit provides image files and sample messaging for the “Why I Got Vaccinated” flyer campaign addressing the need for eligible residents to get vaccinated.

Use our sample messaging in combination with the images below to spread positive messages about why members of the Novato community decided to get vaccinated. To download an image, click on the link below the preview image, then use the "save as" feature in your browser menu.



Did you know? Novato has the most unvaccinated eligible residents in Marin County. Protect your loved ones and get the COVID-19 vaccine! Find a vaccination location:


¿Sabía usted? Novato tiene el número más alto de residentes elegibles no vacunados en el condado de Marin. ¡Proteja a sus seres queridos y póngase la vacuna de COVID-19! Encuentre un lugar de vacunación: Vacú

Suggested Hashtags: #GetVaccinatedNovato #GetVaccinatedMarin #StayHealthyMarin