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COVID-19 Status Update for 08/05/2022

Marin County COVID-19 Status Update for August 5, 2022 includes: Public Health Hosts Back-to-School Town Halls; Wastewater Surveillance isn’t just for COVID-19 Anymore; Know your COVID-19 Community Level; and updated local COVID-… Read More

Marin County COVID-19 Vaccinations

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Marin County COVID-19 Vaccination Rates

The below dashboard integrates the previously separate “COVID-19 Vaccinations Received by Marin County Residents” and the “Marin County COVID-19 Immunization Progress” dashboards. Immunization data is pulled from the California Immunization Registry (CAIR), and population data is based on the California Department of Finance population estimates (2021). Shown are the numbers of residents who have completed vaccination (two doses of Pfizer/Moderna or one dose of Johnson and Johnson), partially immunized (only received first dose of the Pfizer/Moderna vaccine), and those who have received a first or second booster dose. San Quentin inmates vaccination rates are not included in this dashboard and are available at As DOF population estimates may not be precise, the proportion of vaccinated people in any group will be displayed up to, but not higher than 98%. The dashboard is weekly, on Fridays.

In order to more accurately reflect the vaccination status of current Marin residents, individuals who reported their residence as a county other than Marin in their most recent vaccinations have been removed as of February 7, 2022. This accounts for individuals who have moved, students who are studying outside the county, etc. Individuals whose most recent vaccination of any type includes Marin County residence continue to be included regardless of their county of residence at the time of prior vaccinations.

Marin County COVID-19 Outcomes by Vaccination Status

The best way to monitor how well the vaccines are working is by comparing COVID-19 outcomes for vaccinated and unvaccinated people. This dashboard describes COVID-19 outcomes among residents who have completed their primary series of vaccination and unvaccinated residents in Marin County. This data shows the risk of catching COVID-19, of being hospitalized for COVID-19, or of dying from COVID-19 is far higher for people who are unvaccinated than those who have completed their primary vaccination series. Immunization data is pulled from the California Immunization Registry (CAIR), population data is based on the California Department of Finance population estimates (2021), and case outcome data is from Marin HHS data.

Marin County COVID-19 Vaccination Progress Among Eligible Residents by Race/Ethnicity and Age Categories

The following bar charts show the percent of eligible Marin county residents by age group and race/ethnicity that have either partially vaccinated (either received the 1st dose of the Pfizer/Moderna Vaccine), completed the vaccine series, but not boosted (2nd dose of the Pfizer/Moderna Vaccine or received Johnson and Johnson vaccine), boosted (additional dose after completing the vaccine series) or have not been vaccinated. Marin County Population estimates for race/ethnicity and age group are determined by using the California Department of Finance population estimates (2021). As population estimates may not be precise, proportion vaccinated will only be displayed up to 98% for age groups and race/ethnicity. These data do not include San Quentin inmates.

COVID-19 Vaccination and Case Rates by Geography

Mapping vaccines distributed by geographic regions helps us view COVID-19 vaccine coverage in the community on a more granular level. The map below shows the number and proportion of vaccine eligible (5 years and older) residents in each census tract who have: 1) received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine; 2) completed their vaccine series; or 3) are fully immunized against COVID-19 (defined as 14 days or more past receiving their second dose for Pfizer and Moderna vaccines or their first dose for Johnson and Johnson). The labeled numbers on each census tract are the percentage of vaccine eligible residents who have received at least one dose. This map is interactive, click on each jurisdiction to view the name of the community/city, the total population for that area, the total vaccine eligible population, vaccine metrics, and cumulative and 30-day COVID-19 case information. This map is based on the residence provided by individuals receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. All data are subject to change as we may learn new information during a case investigation. As population estimates may not be precise, proportion vaccinated will only be displayed up to 98% for each census tract. If the map fails to load click here.

As vaccine distribution has shifted to State and Federal operations, Marin County HHS will no longer track vaccine inventory and administration by provider as MCPH's local data are incomplete (as of: 4/28/2021).