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COVID-19 Status Update for 09/24/2021

Marin County COVID-19 Status Update for September 24, 2021 includes Boosters Ok’d for Older Adults, At Risk Groups; Healthcare and Care Facility Staff Advised to Get Flu Shot; and updated … Read More

Marin County COVID-19 Vaccinations


COVID-19 Vaccinations Received by Marin County Residents

The data below are from the California Immunization Registry (CAIR), run by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). It reflects the number of people who live in Marin County who received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine. This includes people who live in Marin County but received the vaccine in a different county. People who work, but do not live, in Marin County are not included, even if they received their dose within Marin County. These data do not include San Quentin inmates. The first shaded line chart shows the cumulative number over time of people who have received a first and second dose of the Pfizer/Moderna vaccine or a dose of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. The second bar and line chart shows the number of new doses administered to people who live in Marin County per day and the 7-day rolling average of new doses administered. The rolling average is the average of new doses administered for a particular day and the prior six days, which shows the trend of new dose administration (smoothing out daily fluctuations). As of April 17, 2021 this dashboard was revised to show population of Marin County over 12 using only American Community Survey Data (2015-2019). "Completed Vaccine Series" means that a person has either received both doses of the Pfizer/Moderna vaccine or a dose of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

Marin County COVID-19 Immunization Progress

This immunization dashboard displays the proportion of the total Marin County population (256,317) according to the ACS 2015-2019 population estimates) that has been fully immunized against COVID-19 (14+ days past final dose of the vaccine), partially immunized (only received first dose of the vaccine, or less than 14 days post final dose), or has not been immunized (non-eligible residents and residents eligible but not vaccinated). The percentage of fully immunized residents on this dashboard is calculated by dividing the count of residents “Fully Immunized” (green bar below) divided by the “Total Population” (light gray, 256,317). The vaccination dashboard above this immunization dashboard displays the percentage of the Marin county population over age 12 (dark gray bar below) that have received at least one dose. This is calculated by dividing the “Population with at Least One Dose” (blue bar below) by the “Eligible Population (12+)” (dark gray bar below). The proportion “Fully Immunized” reflects the true percentage of Marin County residents that have been fully immunized.

Marin County COVID-19 Vaccination Progress Among Eligible Residents by Race/Ethnicity and Age Categories

The following bar charts show the percent of eligible Marin county residents by age group and race/ethnicity that have either partially vaccinated (either received the 1st dose of the Pfizer/Moderna Vaccine), completed the vaccine series (2nd dose of the Pfizer/Moderna Vaccine or received Johnson and Johnson vaccine), or have not been vaccinated. Marin County Population estimates for race/ethnicity and age group are determined by using the American Community Survey (2015-2019). As population estimates may not be precise, proportion vaccinated will only be displayed up to 98% for age groups and race/ethnicity. These data do not include San Quentin inmates.

COVID-19 Vaccination and Case Rates by Geography

Mapping vaccines distributed by geographic regions helps us view COVID-19 vaccine coverage in the community on a more granular level. The map below shows the number and proportion of vaccine eligible (12 years and older) residents in each census tract who have: 1) received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine; 2) completed their vaccine series; or 3) are fully immunized against COVID-19 (defined as 14 days or more past receiving their second dose for Pfizer and Moderna vaccines or their first dose for Johnson and Johnson). The labeled numbers on each census tract are the percentage of vaccine eligible residents who have received at least one dose. This map is interactive, click on each jurisdiction to view the name of the community/city, the total population for that area, the total vaccine eligible population, vaccine metrics, and cumulative and 30-day COVID-19 case information. This map is based on the residence provided by individuals receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. All data are subject to change as we may learn new information during a case investigation. As population estimates may not be precise, proportion vaccinated will only be displayed up to 98% for each census tract. If the map fails to load click here.

As vaccine distribution has shifted to State and Federal operations, Marin County HHS will no longer track vaccine inventory and administration by provider as MCPH's local data are incomplete (as of: 4/28/2021).