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COVID-19 Status Update for 05/11/2021

Marin County COVID-19 Status Update for May 11 includes updated local COVID-19 data and Marin Public Health’s work to provide COVID-vulnerable individuals experiencing homelessness with a safe place to… Read More

Marin Public Health: Novato Vaccination Options


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Who can be vaccinated?

FIRST DOSE vaccination appointments are available for people who live or work in Novato and are age 18 & older.


Documentation and Reminders:


In order to be vaccinated at a Marin County Public Health vaccination site, you will need to show:

  1. Proof of identity, and
  2. Proof that you live OR work in Marin County

There are many ways to show that you are eligible to be vaccinated.  Below is an example list of documents that will be accepted.


Proof of Identity:

Everyone seeking a vaccination will need to show proof of identity (ID).  Your ID must match the name on your vaccine appointment. You do not need to show a government issued ID and you do not need to be a US citizen to get a vaccine.  Example IDs include:

  • A legal photo ID (e.g., REAL ID, drivers license, passport, or other government issued photo ID).
  • A form of documentation with your name on it that matches the name on your appointment confirmation.
    1. Examples: driver’s license, work ID, library card, letter from your employer or school, bank/ATM cards, electrical bill, matricula consular, paystub, passport, money transfer receipt, etc.

If you are under the age of 18 and do not have a drivers license or state issued ID, you must bring your birth certificate.


Proof of Eligibility

When you check-in for your appointment, you must present documentation that establishes you meet the eligibility requirements to receive a COVID-19 vaccination. An appointment alone does not guarantee vaccine: if you do not have eligibility documentation, you will be asked to return at a later time (no exceptions).

Proof you live in Marin

You will need to show proof that you are a Marin County resident.  Examples include (must show Marin County address):

  • Drivers License; California ID Card or REAL ID (from DMV); Bill (e.g, utility, cable, mortgage, property tax, insurance); Vehicle registration or insurance; Rend receipt or lease or letter from landlord; Tax, bank or insurance document; School, employment or court document.

OR... Proof that you work in Marin:

Bring a photo ID and ONE of the following:

  • Proof of current employment (e.g., pay stub, ID card, etc)
  • Proof of employment in sector anytime between Jan. 1, 2020 and March 1, 2021 (even if you are currently unemployed)
  • Letter from employer identifying you as currently employed in one of the roles eligible for vaccine.

If you are unable to provide the documentation, you will be asked to sign an attestation at the time of your vaccine ensuring that you meet criteria.

04/15/2021 - 16:09

Read this before you make an appointment:

  • Please make an appointment before going to the location. Walk-ups are not allowed.
  • Only make an appointment for one session. You will make your second dose appointment on-site, after your first shot is complete.
  • Dress for easy access to your upper arm. You may want to wear a t-shirt or something similar under your coat.
  • Expect to stay 15 to 30 minutes after your vaccination. This is to monitor for any reactions (which is rare). This is routine and done for your protection.
  • Arrive NO EARLIER than 10 minutes before your appointment time. 
  • If you have health insurance, please bring your insurance card.  Don't worry,  you will not have to pay for your vaccine.  Uninsured individuals are welcome.
04/15/2021 - 16:00


By clicking an appointment button below, you confirm you have read the appointment and required documentation reminders and meet the eligibility requirements stated above.


Make An Appointment

North Marin Community Services

1907 Novato Blvd, Novato, CA 94949





Hamilton Fields

503 South Palm Dr, Novato, CA 94949




If you are unable to find an appointment today, we encourage you to visit our vaccination options webpage to view appointment options for other vaccine providers in Marin County.