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MCPH Status Update for 02/23/2024

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Treatment for COVID-19


COVID-19 Treatment

Medication is available to treat COVID-19 and treatment is highly effective for preventing serious illness or hospitalization and death from COVID-19.

Multiple COVID-19 treatment options are available. Should you become ill, a health care provider can prescribe COVID-19 treatment, even if you are experiencing mild or moderate symptoms. Do not delay in seeking treatment for COVID-19, as these drugs must be used soon after your symptoms start. 

Visit Sesame Telehealth to access test to treat services or call 1-833-686-5051, press 3 for Spanish.  This program will end on February 29, 2024.

Individuals at higher risk for serious illness due to Covid-19 should always seek evaluation and treatment soon after diagnosis. More information on who is at risk for serious illness can be found on the CDC web page.

COVID-19 Treatments Questions & Answers ( 

Vaccines Versus Treatments

Vaccines: Usually, shots are given before an infection occurs. Vaccines train your body to fight against infection and help prevent severe illness. 

Treatments: Pills or shots are given after infection has been diagnosed. Treatments can reduce symptoms, shorten your illness and prevent serious disease or hospitalization.

How To Know If Treatment Is Right For You

Most people tolerate treatment very well. As with any medication, treatments for COVID-19 can cause side effects and interact with other medications you are taking. Treatment must be prescribed by a medical provider after a review of your health conditions and medication list. Your provider can describe the risks and benefits of treatment to guide your decision. This handout is helpful when considering treatment: Who should take COVID-19 treatment?

How to Access Treatment

There are several ways to get outpatient COVID-19 treatments:

  • Your doctor can write a prescription. If you test positive, talk to your health care provider to determine if you should be offered a prescription for treatment. Bring a list of all medications you are taking. 
  • If you don't have a doctor or are uninsured visit Sesame Telehealth to access test to treat services through their website or by calling 1-833-686-5051, press 3 for Spanish. This program will end on February 29, 2024.

Where to Find Treatment in Marin County

Most people will access treatment though their usual healthcare provider who can prescribe medication for them. Medication is available at most local pharmacies. Before you go, you may want to call ahead to ensure your pharmacy has your medication in stock.

These entities can help you if you have a COVID-19 related illness and you do not have health insurance.