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COVID-19 Status Update for 03/24/2023

Marin County COVID-19 Status Update for March 03, 2023, includes CDPH Announces New COVID-19 Guidance; Marin Team’s Manuscript; Friendly Reminder: Renew Medi-Cal Coverage; Update CalFresh Information to Ensure… Read More



Keeping our Schools Safe.

Marin County Public Health continues to work in close partnership with Marin County Office of Education and leaders of our public, private, parochial and independent schools to facilitate fulltime site-based K-12 in-person instruction.


How to Keep Your School Safe from COVID-19

1. Stay home when sick

Symptoms of COVID-19 may be mild and the best way to know if you or your child has COVID-19 is to get tested, or stay home until symptoms have resolved if unable to test.

2. Test

Home tests provide accurate and timely results. Students and staff can use a home test provided by their school or purchase tests in a local pharmacy.  Visit our testing webpage for a list of testing sites.

3. If positive, isolate at home

People who test positive should stay home and isolate as much as possible from those they live with for at least 5 days, and may return to school as soon as Day 6 with a negative test. If unable to test, stay isolated for 10 days. Contact your school or visit MCOE's Rethinking Schools webpage for more information about when your child may return to school after testing positive.

4. Notify close contacts

If you of your child test positive, notify anyone outside of the school setting who was within 6 feet of you/your child indoors for 15 minutes or more in the two days before symptoms started or two days before the test if there were no symptoms. Visit MCOE's Rethinking Schools webpage for the latest Isolation and Quarantine Guidance for schools.

5. Notify your school

Call your school to let them know that your child tested positive and they will be absent due to COVID-19. If someone in your home has tested positive and there are unvaccinated students at home on quarantine, notify your school with the reason for their absence.

Report the results of any home antigen tests provided by your TK-12 school using the instructions provided. Home tests purchased at a store or provided by a child care facility can be reported using Marin County's Self-Test Reporting Form.

Reopening Guidance for All Schools

Student & Family Resources

The Marin County Public Health guidance and resources below reflect both California Department of Public Health and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance. 

Guidance Documents

Technical Assistance Portal for School and Child Care Staff

School Status Dashboard

A dashboard that tracks the reopening status of schools in Marin County. Icons on the map represent elementary, middle and high schools, including public, private, independent and parochial schools.

  • Green icons represent schools that have fully reopened to in-person instruction
  • Black icons, if any, indicate a school which is closed for operation reasons (power outage, etc.)
  • Red icons, if any, indicate a school which is closed for an outbreak

Click on an icon to reveal the school's name, district, type, and reopening status.  This data is maintained by Marin County Office of Education and the Marin County Emergency Operations Center.

Note: If you have an issue accessing this dashboard, please use this link.

More Information


Marin County Office of Education has response team dedicated to answering school-related COVID-19 questions and concerns. Contact them by email at

CDPH Resources