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Public Health Status Update for 07/12/2024

Marin County Public Health Status Update for July 12, 2024, includes Covid Summer Swell; Avian Flu; HeatRisk – HealReadyCA; Spare the Air; Foster Care Opportunities; and COVID-19 Data Update

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Archived Marin County COVID-19 Data

Since March 2020, Marin County Public Health collected and analyzed information about COVID-19 impact in every community and displayed results in a frequently updated dashboard. As of February 16, 2023, the data elements below have been removed from the ongoing COVID-19 dashboards but remain an important record of our pandemic experience in Marin.

This website uses Tableau dashboards to visualize the impact of COVID-19 in Marin County. Under each dashboard there are links to datasets available on Marin County's Open Data Portal. To learn more about how to use the features of these dashboards navigate to the "How To Use this Dashboard" section of this website. 

COVID-19 Population Characteristics

Demographics of Total COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalizations, and Deaths

The following charts show the proportion of total COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalizations, and Deaths by known Race/Ethnicity, Age Category, and Gender. Comparing demographic information for COVID-19 cases to the demographics in our county population informs us about groups that are more impacted by COVID-19.

Data Sources: COVID-19 Cumulative Demographics

Demographic Trends in COVID-19 Cases

The following charts show the 7-day moving average of cases by Race/Ethnicity and Age Category. A moving average is calculated by adding the case counts by test date of 7 days together and dividing by 7. 

Data Sources: COVID-19 Cases by Race/Ethnicity, COVID-19 Cases by Gender, COVID-19 Cases by Age Category


COVID-19 Cases by City, Census Tract and Zip Code

This dashboard displays COVID-19 cases by city, census tract and zip code. Select the tab at the top to choose the area of interest (e.g. "San Rafael"). This will display the population of the area, cumulative cases, cases in the past 14-days and a table with daily new cases.

Data Source: COVID-19 Cases by Geography and Date


Marin County COVID-19 Vaccination Data

COVID-19 Vaccination Rates

This dashboard shows the number of vaccinations received by Marin residents. Immunization data is pulled from the California Immunization Registry (CAIR), and population data is based on the California Department of Finance population estimates (2021). Because population estimates may not be precise, the proportion of vaccinated people in any group will be displayed up to, but not higher than 98%. San Quentin Inmates' vaccinations are displayed separately at 


COVID-19 Vaccination Progress Among Eligible Residents by Race/Ethnicity and Age Categories

The following bar charts show the percent of eligible Marin County residents by age group and race/ethnicity that have fully vaccinated and who have received booster doses. Marin County population estimates for race/ethnicity and age group are determined by using the California Department of Finance population estimates (2021). Because population estimates may not be precise, the proportion of vaccinated people in any group will be displayed up to, but not higher than 98%.


Respiratory-Illness Surveillance

As of January 5, 2021 this COVID-19 surveillance website no longer includes ED and EMS respiratory-illness charts. To view data on respiratory-illness surveillance visit the Marin Flu Surveillance Data webpage.

How to Use this Dashboard



  • For best viewing options across most devices select the "Full Screen" icon in the very bottom right hand corner of each dashboard.
  • Adjusting the Date slider above charts will modify the date range in the view; move the date sliders to the right or left with a mouse. This allows users to zoom into smaller periods of time.
  • To highlight particular features (lines/bars) in the charts, select an item in the legend either by clicking it with a mouse or tabbing to it and pressing the Spacebar.
  • To see the data behind each chart select the "Download" icon in the bottom right of the dashboard and select "Crosstab", then select the specific chart of interest. Full datasets are linked below each dashboard, directing the user to Marin County's Open Data Portal.   Another way to see a data table is to tab to put focus on a chart and then press Enter.



Every attempt has been made to enable the data visualizations accessible for keyboard navigation and screen readers. Tableau provides specific keyboard navigation instructions on their website. If you have a disability and need assistance with the information on this page, use the COVID-19 contact form to submit your access questions or call the state COVID-19 CA Hotline (833)422-4255.