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COVID-19 Status Update for 12/07/2021

Marin County COVID-19 Status Update for December 7, 2021 includes COVID-19 Recap to Marin County Board of Supervisors; Testing… Read More

Appendix C-1: Guidelines for Businesses Permitted to Operate (Dec. 8)

Appendix C-1: Guidelines for Businesses Permitted to Operate

[REVISED – December 4, 2020; EFFECTIVE – December 8, 2020]


Please note that this Appendix C-1 is rescinded and superseded by Appendix C-1 issued December 16, 2020 and effective December 17, 2020.
Please note that this Appendix C-1 supersedes and rescinds the Appendix C-1 issued November 16, 2020 and effective November 17, 2020.  On December 3, 2020, the State of California issued a Regional Stay at Home Order, which evaluates public health within 5 State Regions based on hospital capacity for persons resident in those Regions.  Marin County is part of the State’s Bay Area Region.  The provisions of the State’s Regional Stay at Home Order become effective when a Region’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) bed capacity is less than 15%.  As of December 6, 2020, the Bay Area Region’s ICU capacity exceeds 15%.  However, due to the surge in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in the Bay Area Region, Marin County is implementing the State’s Regional Stay at Home Order as of December 8, 2020.  Marin County COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations related to COVID-19 are rapidly increasing, while influenza related hospital visits are also increasing.  COVID-19 infections among hospital staff are reducing hospital staffing levels, further reducing capacity.  The Bay Area functions as a regional health system; the transfer of patients between facilities within the region occurs when any hospital reaches capacity, therefore it is critical to consider the region as a whole.   It is necessary to implement the State’s Stay at Home Order before the Region’s ICU bed capacity reaches critical levels. 

Businesses and residents in Marin County must abide by the State’s Regional Stay at Home Order from December 8, 2020 through January 4, 2020.  Note that the Regional Stay at Home Order may apply for a longer duration if the Bay Area Region’s ICU capacity hits less than 15%.  If State and County orders differ, Businesses and Residents must follow the more restrictive directives and orders related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


General Requirements

All permitted business operations should be conducted with the goal of reducing the likelihood of COVID-19 transmission at the business site, with attention to the following factors:

  • Increase in mobility and volume of activity—the overall impact the reopening will have on the number of people on the business premises, including staff and patrons;
  • Contact intensity—the type (close or distant) and duration (brief or prolonged) of the contact involved in the business;
  • Number of contacts—the approximate number of people that will be in the setting at the same time;
  • Modification potential—the degree to which mitigation measures can decrease the risk of transmission.

To mitigate the risk of transmission to the greatest extent possible, before resuming operations,  Businesses permitted to operate must:

  1. Prepare, post, implement, and distribute to their Personnel a Site-Specific Protective Plan as specified in Appendix A of the Risk Reduction Order for each of their facilities in the County frequented by personnel or members of the public; and
  2. Prepare, post, implement, and distribute to their Personnel a written health and safety plan that addresses all applicable best practices set forth in relevant Health Officer directives.

As used in this Appendix C-1, “Personnel” means the following people who provide goods or services associated with the Business in the County:  employees; contractors and sub-contractors (such as those who sell goods or perform services onsite or who deliver goods for the business); independent contractors (such as “gig workers” who perform work via the Business’s app or other online interface); vendors who are permitted to sell goods onsite; volunteers; and other individuals who regularly provide services onsite at the request of the Business. 

Also, each Business permitted to operate must comply with Social Distancing Requirements as well as all relevant state guidance and local directives.  Where a conflict exists between the state guidance and local public heath directives related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the most restrictive provision controls.


Guidance for Businesses Permitted to Operate

If permitted to operate, the Business shall operate in strict compliance with the State’s guidance consistent with the State’s Regional Stay at Home Order. In addition, the below listed Businesses must also follow the Marin specific guidance listed below.


1. Gyms/Fitness Centers and Youth Sports (UPDATED December 8, 2020)

Indoor gyms and indoor youth sports are not permitted at this time, regardless of Marin’s Blueprint Tier Status.  As indicated by the State, gyms/fitness centers include yoga and dance studios.  As stated in this Appendix, Marin County is immediately implementing the State’s Regional Stay at Home Order which only permits outdoor recreational activities.   


2. Low-Contact Businesses

At this time, the following low-contact service businesses may continue to operate in accordance with State guidance for those businesses:

Laundromats, dry cleaners, auto repair shops, shoe repair, tailoring/sewing services, car washes, landscapers, door-to-door services and sales, pet grooming and care, dog walking services.




Updated December 7, 2020 by:

Matt Willis, MD, MPH                                                                      

Health Officer of the County of Marin