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COVID-19 Status Update for 03/24/2023

Marin County COVID-19 Status Update for March 03, 2023, includes CDPH Announces New COVID-19 Guidance; Marin Team’s Manuscript; Friendly Reminder: Renew Medi-Cal Coverage; Update CalFresh Information to Ensure… Read More

COVID-19 Status Update for 07/01/2022

Marin County COVID-19 Status Update for July 1, 2022: Vaccine Dashboards Updated To Reflect Eligible 6 Month to 4 Year Olds; CDPH Releases Updated Guidance for Schools; Free COVID-19 Test Kits at Marin County Fair; and updated local COVID-19 data.

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The Marin County COVID-19 Status Update is published two times per week and as needed to share important news and resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic and to keep the local economy running. We remain here for you.


Vaccine Data Dashboards Updated for 6 month to 4 year olds

The Marin County Public Health epidemiology team has recently updated our vaccine data dashboards to reflect the newest group of eligible vaccine recipients: children age 6 months to 4 years of age. The “Vaccination Progress by Age” bar graph has a new section to measure the progress of that specific age group. 

In addition, the overall vaccination rate dashboard has been updated to reflect this new group. Since nearly all of Marin residents are now eligible for the vaccine, percentages for “residents having one dose” and “residents completing initial vaccine series” are for the entire population (versus only those eligible). View the data on our vaccine data webpage.

Finally, our vaccine data charts provided in the Status Update (below) have been updated to align with how the data is presented on the dashboards.


CDPH Releases School Guidance for 2022-2023 School Year

This week, the California Department of Public Health issued updated COVID-19 Public Health Guidance for K-12 Schools to support safe in-person learning for the upcoming school year. The guidance, effective July 1, 2022, includes information on COVID mitigation strategies that K-12 schools can use to keep their students, staff and communities safe in the upcoming school year. The guidance is intended to support safe, in-person learning that is critical to student well-being and development and mitigate the spread of COVID-19.  For more information, view the complete guidance or the Safe Schools for All Hub.


Free COVID-19 Test Kits at Marin County Fair

The Marin County Fair is back! The outdoor-only event runs through Monday, July 4 and features many fair favorites, from concerts and roaming performers to carnival rides, food and drinks, and nightly fireworks.  View the full schedule and purchase your tickets at

Marin County Public Health will be giving away free COVID-19 test kits at the fair, one per family, while supplies last. The kits will be available at the “Healthy Fair, Healthy Marin” patio next to the Veterans Memorial Auditorium. Healthy Fair, Healthy Marin is a collaboration between Marin County Public Health and our hospitals to celebrate and promote a healthy community, healthy activities and choices for all ages.  The initiative helps shape community values related to alcohol, physical activity, and healthy food.


COVID-19 Testing: Frequent Testing Prevents Outbreaks

Testing remains an important tool in identifying and isolating infected individuals as soon as possible in order to prevent spread to others. If you are experiencing COVID-related symptoms, get tested as soon as possible. Or, if are you a close contact of someone who is COVID positive, follow Isolation and Quarantine guidance, monitor for symptoms, and Get a COVID-19 test 5 days after your exposure.

Where to get tested

Our testing webpage provides a list of all COVID-19 test providers in Marin. You can find details about types of tests offered, costs, insurance coverage, and even testing locations for people without insurance. 

Get an at-home test

Visit or call 1-800-275-8777 to request up to 8 free tests per household. Or, visit for a list of online retailers. If you’ve tested positive with an at-home test, there is no need to confirm the result with a PCR test. Treat a positive as a positive, regardless of the type of test used, and remember to report your result with our self-test reporting form.


COVID-19 Data Update:

Below is just a snapshot of local COVID-19 data. Find a more in-depth analysis of COVID-19 trends on the Marin Data & Surveillance webpage, our Data FAQ, or Marin County's Open Data Portal.

Data sets updated weekly (published on Fridays) include:

  • COVID-19 vaccination rates
  • COVID-19 cases & deaths among facility staff and residents
  • Weekly/Cumulative count of COVID-19 deaths among Marin residents
  • State COVID-19 Data

Status updates are now published Tuesdays and Fridays. “Change from Last Status Update” (far right column, below) may account for 2-4 days, depending on the date of the previous publication (view past status updates).

COVID-19 Case Data

Today’s Report

Change from Last Status Update

Total Confirmed Cumulative Cases



“Active Cases” (Confirmed in Past 10 Days)



Total Cumulative Deaths



Current COVID-19 Hospitalizations



Current COVID-19 ICU Patient Census



* Change from last Friday.

COVID-19 Vaccination Data

Today’s Report

Change from Last Status Update

Percent of Marin residents vaccinated with at least one dose



Percent of Marin residents who have completed vaccine series.



Percent of Marin residents who have received a Booster/3rd Dose



* Note that this percentage is out of all Marin residents including children younger than 6 months.

** Data group expanded today to reflect 6 months & older population.

Residential Care & Skilled Nursing Facility COVID-19 data:

Today’s Report

Change from Last Week

Positive Patients at Facilities cumulative


+ 22

Positive Patients at Facilities current


+ 6

Positive Staff at Facilities current


 + 0

Facility Patient Deaths


+ 0

Facility Patient Deaths as percentage of all COVID+ deaths




State COVID-19 data:

Today’s Report

Change from Last Wee

California Confirmed Cases


+ 118,445

California Deaths


+ 281


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You’ve tested Positive | You’ve been exposed to someone with COVID-19

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