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COVID-19 Status Update for 06/02/2023

Marin County COVID-19 Status Update for June 02, 2023, includes Flu Season: Looking Back and Forward; Survey Informs Local Pandemic Response; Marin COVID Level; 988: New Lifeline for Suicide and Crisis… Read More

COVID-19 Status Update for 01/27/2022

Marin County COVID-19 Status Update for January 27, 2022 includes New Health Order Aims to Ensure Testing Quality; Clarification on Indoor Mask Use in Marin County; Isolation and Quarantine Calendars; “Active Case” Definition Receives an Update; and updated local COVID-19 data. 

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The Marin County COVID-19 Status Update is published weekdays and as needed to share important news and resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic and to keep the local economy running. We remain here for you.  


New Health Order Aims To Ensure Testing Quality 

In response to recent concerns about rogue, pop-up COVID-19 testing sites, the Marin County Public Health Officer has issued an order that requires testing providers meet standards of safety, quality and certification if they are providing testing in Marin County. While Marin County public health continues to encourage use of home-based testing kits, for those seeking laboratory-based tests we recommend the use of reputable and established providers. The order is designed to ensure that Marin residents can feel confident in the quality and safety of the testing operations available locally.  Read the health order for more information. 


Clarification on Indoor Mask Use in Marin County 

Today, the city and county of San Francisco announced changes to its indoor mask mandate that has raised questions about mask requirements in Marin County.  

Currently, Marin County is held to California’s statewide mask mandate, which requires that all people, regardless of vaccination status, to wear face coverings in indoor public spaces and workplaces. Marin residents and businesses are to comply with California Department of Public Health’s face covering guidance.  

While Marin and San Francisco's face covering was similar in Fall of 2021, Marin aligned with the State of California in late December. Therefore, all previous exemptions for small groups of fully vaccinated people were removed and Marin is unable to implement less restrictive policies than the State’s mandate.   

The State of California has carved out few exceptions to its mask guidelines, including exercise for intervals of heavy exertion. Review the CDPH’s face covering Q&A for details.   


Isolation & Quarantine Calendars 

Staying safe and protecting our community from COVID-19 doesn’t stop after you’re vaccinated, it also includes taking the right steps if you think you’ve been infected. Isolation guidance varies slightly according to whether you’ve tested positive with symptoms, positive without symptoms, or have symptoms without getting tested. Additionally, if you’ve been in close contact with someone who is COVID-19 positive, the precautions differ depending on your vaccination status. Understanding what actions to take if a potential infection occurs may feel overwhelming. We have created a series of isolation and quarantine calendar graphics, in both Spanish and English, to clearly outline what to do next if you are COVID positive or have been exposed to someone who is. 

Below is a visual calendar for people who are COVID-19 positive, with symptoms, who get tested:  

Additional resources: 

Isolation Calendars 

Quarantine Calendars 

  • Close Contact: Recently Fully Vaccinated OR Have Received a Booster (English) (Spanish
  • Close Contact: NOT Fully Vaccinated OR Eligible for a Booster, but Have NOT Received One (English) (Spanish

All Isolation and Quarantine Calendar graphics can be found on our Communications Toolkit page. Visit our Isolation and Quarantine page for more detailed guidance. 


“Active Case” Definition Receives an Update 

Earlier this month, California Department of Public Health (CDPH) introduced revised guidance shortening the length of time required in isolation or quarantine. In order to maintain consistency with the updated guidance, “Active Cases”, which were previously reported in our Status Update as cases diagnosed within the last 14 days, will now reflect cases diagnosed within the previous 10 days. 

The isolation and quarantine calendars (above) were designed to make these changes easy to understand. Links to these calendars and more information about current isolation and quarantine guidance can be found on our isolation or quarantine page. 


COVID-19 Data Update: 

Below is a summary of today’s data now available on Marin Data & Surveillance webpage. View the page for a broader range of data, plus interactive graphs for confirmed COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths. Data analysis is available by age range, gender, race, and city/town/geographic region. Questions about the data? See our Data FAQ

Looking for daily data trends? Our Marin Data & Surveillance webpage  uses Tableau dashboards to visualize the impact of COVID-19 in Marin County. Under each dashboard are links to datasets available on Marin County's Open Data Portal


COVID-19 Case Data 

Today’s Report 

Change from Yesterday 

Total Confirmed Cumulative Cases 



“Active Cases” (Confirmed in Past 10* Days) 


- 1,142 

Total Cumulative Deaths 



Current COVID-19 Hospitalizations 



Current COVID-19 ICU Patient Census 


*Effective January 27, 2022, ”Active Cases” reflect cases confirmed within the past ten days, in order to align with current isolation and quarantine guidance. 

COVID-19 Vaccination Data  

Today’s Report 

Change from Last Status Update 

Marin residents age 5+ vaccinated with at least one dose 


+ 122 

Percent of Marin population age 5+ who have completed vaccine series. 


+ 0.1%  

Marin residents age 5+ who have received a Booster/3rd Dose 



Percent of entire Marin population that is “fully immunized” (14+ days post final dose)* 

90% * 

+ 0%  

* Note that this percentage is out of all Marin residents including children younger than 5. 

State COVID-19 data: 

Today’s Report 

Change from Yesterday 

California Confirmed Cases 


+ 59,979 

California Deaths 


+ 255 


What to do if:  

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